Best way to redeem Spotify gift card 2018

Best way to redeem Spotify gift card 2018

Best way to redeem Spotify gift card 2018-1
Music is life, and that is why our hearts have beats! Nothing could describe the place of music in our lives. It is an escape from the world of reality. Plug-in the headphones and music take you into a world of your own. Many times it speaks for us when the words fail.
There is a whole new universe that can be made just out of music.  There isn’t a single soul that hasn’t been touched by music. We all have a different song and a different tune attached to our souls.
Just like every other service available online, so is the music. There are thousands of online platforms, offering various online music services. You can create playlists, save songs online on the cloud and listen to them without the pain of downloading. All you need to do create an account on their platforms. Some are free while the others cost you!
So today we take this opportunity to introduce you to Spotify! Our music partner! It was established in 2008 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in the beautiful country of Sweden. With a rich history of folk music, the inventors of Spotify knew the importance of having a user-friendly app for all the music lovers around the world. Spotify is exactly what you need to fulfill a soothing musical experience.
So what does Spotify exactly offer?
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It gives you instant access to over a million songs- right from the oldies to the spick-and-span ones! It is one of the most popular music streaming services. There are two versions of the app: A free one and a premium one.
The free version has very basic features where you have audios that have a fairly standard quality of tracks. You can use this on your laptop or even your phones with their app
The premium version is the paid one. It is ad-free unlike the free version.  You can listen to songs offline. The high quality of music streaming and you can even have discounts of top-ups! There is a premium code that allows you to unlock the non-stop trendy swell of your favorite songs.
The best thing is that you can access Spotify on your PC, iOS, Android and other mobile and tablet devices. You can try the free Spotify premium code generator that will provide you codes to redeem for subscription in the official website.
The service is cloud based so you don’t have to worry about all the cramped up storage space.

So if you have a Spotify account, here is how you can top it up for Spotify Gift Card redemption with us!

  • Download the Kwikpay app from the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Set up your Kwikpay account (you will be able to avail all our top-up services once you create your account) One account, many benefits!
  • Select Spotify
  • Browse through various options displayed
  • Make the payment and your all set to enjoy all the music you want

Also, you can go to our page Spotify Premium Subscription Online Voucher | Spotify – Kwikpay
Do not forget to visit our help page for Spotify-  How To Redeem Spotify Gift Card Or Spotify Code Or Voucher | Spotify Premium- at Kwikpay
With Kwikpay you can even redeem your Spotify gift card/ Spotify gift voucher! Here is how you do it:

  • Select Spotify on our service page
  • Select redeem a gift voucher
  • Enter the voucher number
  • Your top-up will be done in a split second!

Kwikpay saves your top-up preferences and makes topping-up more efficient!
Join up with Spotify and create your own musical world!

Best Digital Services Top Up In UK | Mobile , Games, E-Books, Music | Kwikpay

Best digital services top up in the UK | Mobile, Games, E-Books, Music

It is absolutely essential in this digital age to be updated with all the latest and up-market trends. Today, the necessity to be acquainted with the ever progressing digitisation is very high. Almost every possible service is now available at our disposal in the digitized form. Digital services hold a very important place in life. Imagine finding new information without Google or a world without online shopping platforms!
But we also understand the difficulties in staying up to date. All the search engines at your disposal bring you gigabytes of data for a single search and it gets not only tough but also annoying to find what you are exactly looking for. Sitting in front of the laptop, or surfing through various apps on your phone, browsing through various options! Too much isn’t it! After a while, your head gets dizzy digging into the truckload of information. The internet is loaded with every kind of possible things you can think of. Google just one word and you get a million hits with it. The World Wide Web is a buzzing and ever-growing provider for all kinds of digital services including our most needed service: The top-ups!
Kwikpay is UK’s most preferred online digital payments service provider. With our vast expanse of various online payment options, you can now easily top-up for mobiles, games, music, skype, and e-books! Here is a quick look at what you can do with Kwikpay!

1)  Mobile Top-ups in the blink of an eye:

Mobile phones are no longer a luxury, they have become a necessity. Keeping you connected to the world outside through calls, messages and other mediums is a task that is well handled by this small device. But a mobile without a top-up is almost non-functional.
Kwikpay provides for top-ups for various mobile service providers: Vodafone, Lebara, Virgin, Three, O2, Lyca, and Orange are some of the big brands that adorn our lists.  Prepaid vouchers, scratch cards, and online credits are some of the payment options available.
We understand that mobile top-ups can be a pain if you don’t get through the right portal. But with Kwikpay, you can leave your worries behind.

2)   Game Top-ups in a click:

The virtual world of gaming is fast growing. People turn to the game as a relaxation, entertainment or some even become professional gamers! And how annoying it gets when you cannot game because you ran out of a top-up! We are here to take care of that! Kwikpay has top-up options available for Xbox, Nintendo, Spotify, etc. games. Get the easy and quick game top up.
Game on!

3) Escape in the musical world with us:

Music is what feelings sound like. It is an escape that puts you a little away from the stark and harsh reality of the world. We have top-ups available to help you do just that. You can enjoy millions of songs on Spotify and Deezer. Not only do you get to surf songs, but you also get readymade playlists to choose from. All the new releases are available with simple top-ups of Spotify and Deezer!
Get a little closer to your soul with our easy and quick music top-ups!

4) Lose yourself in the world of E-books:

Reading books is a hobby that many cherish. Even this hobby has now become digitised. E-books are now the latest trending thing. Having e-books at your disposal is a thing a lot of people prefer over carrying the weight of the actual volumes. With Kobo, we bring you a world of e-books. You can even redeem your Kobo gift cards with us. It grants you access to over 4 million e-books and magazines! Get the top up for ebooks done right now.
Cherish your love for reading with our e-book top-ups on the go!

5)  Easy international Top-ups to take you closer to home:

Do you get home-sick? Get exhausted running around searching for international top-ups? Living a life away from home is pretty tough and tiring. You miss your family, miss important functions, or sometimes just need to hear their voice. Admits these storming thoughts, going around searching for an international top-up card in an alien country for your phone can be an extra heartbreak. We get you!
So here it is; the quickest, easiest and instant international top-ups brought to your finger-tips by Kwikpay! Around 180 major mobile service providers and 100 countries around the globe, we keep you connected!

6) Your security is our priority:

The world is going digital; services are expanding over the World Wide Web, there are virtual worlds and robots. Technology is everywhere. But these all facilities make us pay. Nothing is free. Payments are made online too, just like the services that we avail. But we are also aware of the cyber fraud news. Online payments even though quick and easy are equally risky. No wonder people are still hesitant about using online payment portals.
With Kwikpay, you need not be concerned anymore. We use EPS (E-payment services) systems and PCI-DSS secure payment gateways to make your payments safe, secure and hassle-free! Nothing is more important for us that providing you a safe-haven for online transaction.

7)  Vend your way through the digital age:

Order lunches, host dinners or expand your business with your very own vending machine! Yes, you heard that right!  Kwikpay provides you with your own vending machine. All you have to do is install the Kwikpay app on your phone. All the major cards and wallets are accepted to make it easy to use. Consumer profiling, promotions of your products and operational management are some of the unique features that are brought to you by our Vending machine.
Watch a video about “Kwikpay Launches KwikVend
‘Appify’ your vending machine! With Kwikvend, Operators & Brands can quickly convert their existing traditional cash & coin vending machines into smart & intelligent vending machines of the future.

8) Payment Options like PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, etc.

Kwikpay is an efficient digital services payment provider company based in the UK which provides a quick and easy top up with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Jcb, Maestro, and Debit Card.
Buy quick and easy top ups for your Mobile, Games, eBooks, Music Apps, Electric Cars, etc. on the go with e-payment options like with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Jcb, Maestro, and Debit Card.
We, as an efficient an Electronic Payment (e-payment) System company, ensure that your time and energy are saved to make transactions instantly with PCI-DSS secure payment gateways.
Get the entire digital services top up solutions on one platform, just a click away with Kwikpay.
Now with us, be on top of the market!
You don’t need to touch your laptop to avail our services as they are easily available through IOS and Android app!
You can install Kwikpay App from the Google Play Store or from the App Store.
That is all about us!! And we would love to put our services at your disposal. With Kwikpay, go beyond and so much more in much less time! Happy Top-ups!

Enjoy Spotify With Kwikapy Top Up App | Quick & Easy Spotify Premium Subscription Top Up

Enjoy Spotify With Kwikapy Top Up App. Quick & Easy Spotify Premium Subscription Top Up

Spotify is easily one of the most popular music streaming services today and rightly so. Founded in 2008 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in Sweden, this service has grown to become available in almost every corner of the world now. It has basic services available for free and a premium version which is a paid subscription that comes with many more added features which definitely make it worth the money.

What does Spotify Free have?

  • Free of cost
  • Standard Quality Audio
  • You can use it on Desktop or Web interfaces other than your phone
  • Listening to an ad will allow ad-free playback for a certain amount of time.

In case you are wondering what types of ads Spotify has in the Free version, the following are some examples of them:

  • Audio Ads: Ads that are no longer than 30 seconds, played after every few songs like a commercial break.
  • Sponsored Playlists: exclusive sponsorship for an entire week for one of Spotify’s top playlists.
  • Display Ads: Ads that are shown to the user for 30 seconds which they can click on to be redirected if they want.
  • Overlay: It is similar to a pop-up ad where a large image is displayed on the screen when the user returns to the app on the phone or the window in the desktop.

What does Spotify Premium have?

  • Ad-free
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Offline Listening
  • High-Quality Audio
  • Student Discounts/Family Subscriptions available
  • You can control the playback on one device using another device

How to top up Spotify Premium using the Kwikpay app?

  • If you haven’t done it already, download the Kwikpay app from the App Store or the Play Store.
  • Set up your Kwikpay account so you may have all your mobile top up solutions at your fingertips.
  • Simply select Spotify from the options and then decide what amount you want to top up.
  • Do the same top up every month because Kwikpay will save your preferences and make the process even more convenient.

Why Kwikpay App?

Kwikpay is a one-stop solution to all your top up need whether it is a telecom provider, Spotify, XBOX, Nintendo, Kobo, or Skype. Spend your time enjoying all of these services with the convenience of topping all of those accounts in a matter of seconds using the Kwikpay app.

Kwikpay’s exciting new online voucher to gift in 2017

Prepaid mobile top up, games top up, online music & e-book gift online vouchers and many more exciting services in 2017

2017 has arrived and this year has brought a lot more of new online vouchers for our Kwikpay users. Kwikpay is not only about UK & international mobile top up. Now Kwikpay will help get online vouchers for

  • XBOX
  • Nintendo
  • Spotify
  • Skype
  • Kobo

In fact, Kwikpay apps has always been people’s favorite because of its fast service and secure transaction. Keeping that in mind, Kwikpay team has managed to bring these stimulating services with same ease and convenience.
The fast pace of developments with Kwikpay mobile app has become so welcoming and consumers have become equally enthusiastic to its convenience.

List of new online vouchers:

KoboRakuten Kobo is an online platform to by e-books & e-readers. Add comfort and convenience to your love for reading. Use Kwikpay app for Kobo gift cards on the go
SpotifySpotify is UK’s favorite music and video streaming service. With its premium service, you can listen to ad free music, download and play offline, high quality audio and lot more. Add uninterrupted music to your life with Kwikpay top up for Spotify on the go.
Skype– Now use easy and secure mode of payment, Kwikpay and pay directly through your phone for Skype credit, subscriptions, vouchers & gift cards.
XBOX – Kwikpay offers range of top up for XBOX Live & XBOX subscription, which is instantly delivered to you anytime, anywhere so that you don’t stop playing your favorite games on XBOX one with friends.
Nintendo – No need to buy Nintendo eShop cards, you can simply use Kwikpay app as fast, easy & safe option for redeemable online code of Nintendo eShop Digital funds & Nintendo Points.

These new services are currently available for android app and will be available on iOS app soon. Use Kwikpay app and enjoy the flexibility to top up your prepaid services anytime, anywhere!