No more connectivity issues on vending machines

In spite of several businesses working from an online platform, there are several cases of data outrages and low connectivity. This is pretty much the same situation with the new-aged vending machine operation. Almost all smart machines rely on internet connectivity for telemetry functions or for dissension of items. But now for a VMO; low signal, no problem!
Kwikvend uses Bluetooth to connect the vending machine to your customer’s mobile device so that they can go through and choose from the menu items without even touching the machine. This means that there is no reliance on internet or WiFi to initiate sales. Kwikvend by Kwikpay, in association with Vendekin Technologies, is the technology needed to upgrade your VMO without incurring more infrastructure charges or downtime.
The customers can connect to the machine without internet using the Kwikpay app, pay using an e-wallet with their phone internet and there you go! The no-touch patented technology will dispense the item right out. No downtime, no hassles, and smooth sales.