No internet, just excellent connectivity

As a vending machine owner, what vexes you more- not knowing that your machine is out of a certain product or has not dispensed cold drinks at the right temperature- you have lost crucial sales. Worst that your machine is not functioning well or scheduling a repair without any idea about what the real problem is.
As a vending machine operator, you can spend a fortune on installing the best available telemetry solution & combining it with a VMS which you hope will make it easier for you to increase sales. However, like most other operators in the industry, you probably do not get information more than 4 times a day which makes it difficult to make crucial decisions. By the time you understand on the account of being unable to service your customers.
With Kwikpay, you can upgrade your existing vending machine to an intelligent vending machine which does not require any internet at the machine. This can be done in a matter of minutes with virtually no down time. Consumers interact with the vending machine using the Kwikpay app, select their favourite products & pay using various digital payment methods available on Kwikpay app.
The Kwikpay powered vending machine, relays machine health, inventory data, sales data & consumer behaviour reports to the operator. We empower operators to eliminate scenarios where your vending machine is not performing the task it has been installed for.
You have the opportunity to truly digitally transform the traditional vending industry into a digitally progressive eco-system.
With great customer experience, your machines lead a path towards greater sales & profitability.
For a detailed overview & demo of all the product features, please visit us at Stall 93 at Vendex Midlands, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on 24th April 2018 from 10am to 4pm
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Intelligent Vending for the 21st Century

Kwikpay – a leading consumer payment app for various services in UK introduces an intelligent vending solution to the market.
With Kwikpay’s vending solution, operators & brands can achieve:

  • Real time listing of the products on a particular machine (The system also has the details of the inventory of the machine)
  • Cashless experience for the customer and hence a higher revenue potential specially with the future generations of millennial consumers.
  • Run loyalty program, entice repeat orders and run promotions.
  • Vending operators can now get to know their customers, customer profiles and offer bundled products.
Our vending solution is an easy plug and play solutions which can convert the existing cash & coin traditional vending machines to Intelligent Vending machines of the future.

Neeraj Bhatia, CEO in an interview said “The vending industry has been unable to take advantage of such plans till date due to technical limitation. But with the our vending solution, vending operators can run loyalty programs similar to the big retailers. Vending operators can now entice frequent purchases from customers, offer them bundling, promos and time based offers and  keep them coming to their vending machine week after week.”
Take your customers on a 21st century vending journey. Get kwik-vend on your existing vending machine.
Write to us at and we can set up a demo for you.