Kwikpay–The mobile payment experts

Kwikpay is the UK’s first digital platform for mobile payments for unattended retail. Kwikpay delivers first of its kind frictionless payment experience customers in multiple industries.
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Enable your business for cashless, contactless and digital app.

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Mobile payment experts

Kwikpay offers latest technology in mobile web payment processing for multiple industries. Enabling frictionless QR code based payments directly from the mobile camera. Applepay/ Google pay , card payments for convenience. Also available on easy to use, intuitive smartphone app(iOS and Android), allowing your customers to buy these services. Our team lives and breathes mobile technology and works towards delivering a complete digital user experience for your customers

Your In-house digital team

We take your business on the digital journey and take all the headaches away for you.

Enabling multiple businesses

A single marketplace that offers the users ability to pay for multiple services such as Electric Vehicle charging, Vending operators, F&B operators, Gaming and Amusement operators. Kwikpay integrates each of these operators user journey on its mobile platform from user interaction, payment and service delivery.

A full retail experience

Offer your customers loyalty programs, freebies, bundled purchases and other bespoke incentives through a digital web interaction. Use our platform to access key data analytics, user insights as well as enabling user notifications to influence consumer choices and increase sales.

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