5 Tips To Control The Mobile Top-Up Expenditure Of Your Children

5 Tips to control the mobile top-up expenditure of your children

Digitisation has become the way of life. Everywhere we go, technology has touched our lives. It has become an inseparable part of us. But all of these easy living facilities do not come free of cost. Just as the ease of living has gone up, so have the costs.
BBC news has revealed that UK’s online shoppers have topped global spending survey. The citizens spend £4,611 using payment cards online. The UK has the third largest e-commerce market. The share of online sales has been 18% of the total GDP. No wonder the market is a growing revenue generating system.
But, no one wants to spend more. We all want to save every little bit that we can. Be it on buying products or topping-up your phone. Expenses are never pleasant!
Today, we get you some useful tips on how you can curb down the expenses of your children on their mobile top-ups. Kids don’t need to use the mobile as extensively as adults do. But that does not mean you cut off their expenses completely. With these tips, you can even give them their liberty and also put a check on it.

Tip 1: Make them pay!

In the last blog of parenting tips for your kid’s phone, we advised you to let them pay for their own top-ups or allow a fixed amount every month. This is really helpful in making them understand that the services they avail on their phone come at a cost. Nothing teaches the value of money better than expenses from one’s own pocket.

Tip 2: Show them that spending is quick and earning is slow

It takes immeasurable efforts to earn every little penny and no efforts at all to spend it. So, show your kids the efforts that are required to earn the pounds. You can take them along with you at your workplace for a day. If you can’t show them, share with them the details of your work, tell them all about your busy and hectic day over dinner.
The minds of kids are very impressionable. They quickly grasp whatever you tell them. Have a friendly conversation with them but make sure to put it in their mind that earning money is not easy. Hence, one should be careful while spending it.

Tip 3: Check for discounts with Kwikpay

Discounts are everyone’s best friend. They help us save and get more value for less money. Of course, we love discounts! You can search online for various discount offers on online payment platforms.
With Kwikpay, we let you search various pitches granted by all the major mobile service providers. You can simply visit our website, or download the Kwikpay app and check the best offer available for you. Cut down your expenses with us easily!

Tip 4: Give them a bank account to handle

If your kids are above 7 years, you can open a savings account in their sole name, or if you feel, you can open a joint account. This will add a sense of responsibility and it really sounds fancy too!
Kids are easily attracted to such fancy things at a young age. Deposit their expense money in their account and tell them to spend it reasonably. This way you can also keep a check on where they spend the money.
Just like Wendell Phillips said: Responsibility Educates!

Tip 5: Lead by example

It is easy to preach, but difficult to lead. Like we said, kids are very impressionable. They will learn to imitate the behavior of the people around them. So, lead them by setting an example. Show them how you control your mobile top-up expenses. Give them tips, tell them effective ways of availing the best services at a reasonable cost.
This will not only teach them to limit expenses, but it will also boost up your conversations. Once the kids notice that you are helping them and supporting them instead of lashing out on expenses, trust us, they will be super cooperative with you!
That is all for today! Let us know your feedback on these tips!
Keep coming back to our blogs for more interesting tips and useful information. If you love what we write, drop us a comment in the section below!
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5 Tips for Parents To Monitor Your Child’s Smart Phone

5 Tips for Parents To Monitor Your Child’s Smart Phone

The digital age is taking over our lives very rapidly. Anywhere you go humans and technology are so closely linked that we have forgotten what the stone ages were like! Jokes apart, numerous surveys state that every new generation which is born, is a minimum two years ahead in grasping than the previous one, and this gap is only but increasing. Even a five-year-old can efficiently handle a phone by just watching us use it.
As parents of the children of the new age, it is very challenging to keep up with them. They learn fast and grow habitual to it even faster. It is, however, a sad reality that it is almost impossible to keep these kids off the phones and onto the playgrounds.
Not to worry; we have compiled a list of top 5 tips for parents to effectively deal with their child’s mobile phones:

Tip 1: Explain it to them that mobiles are a part of their life, not life.

Sometimes it is very hard to deal with when you see your child on the mobile for a tremendous amount of time. Rather than studying, or working or playing with their friends, all they do is go click-click. But there is no use screaming or penalizing them. It won’t make things easy. Instead, you can sit down and have a very friendly talk about how there are other interesting things in life. Oh but do not lecture; they hate it! Show them all the other good things, spend time with them, and take them places where they won’t require a mobile to have fun. One absolutely “no do” thing to keep in mind is; do not confiscate their phones: it will only make them mad.

Tip 2: Make them take responsibility

Using any new technology is a task that requires responsible hands at work. A new tool in the hands of manic drives the whole world bonkers. Show them exactly this. Now how to do this? It is very simple; if you need some information, tell them to browse about it with their phone. Let them find it for you. This indirectly shows them two things: one that you don’t hate their phone (this is very necessary) and second that it can be used responsibly to find information and more.

Tip  3: Let them pay for their own top ups with Kwikpay

The true value of any facility can be understood when you pay for it from your own pocket. Of course, if your kids are very young it won’t be possible. But you can still inculcate this by allowing them a fixed amount for their mobile top up every month. If it gets over early, they won’t get a new top-up in that month and will have to wait for the next month.
However, if the kids are earning, you can ask them to take up responsibility for their phone’s top-ups. This will not only teach them the value of money but also make them think smart when it comes to using their phones. Kwikpay makes it easy for you and your children to browse through our various top-up options, tariffs, and deals available for various mobile service providers. It also has game top-ups for Xbox and Nintendo available. Gift vouchers, codes can also be redeemed to avail various top-up services.
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Tip 4: Set some ground rules

It is very important to have some basic ground rules set for anything. These rules make it easy for everyone to understand the importance of discipline. You can impose some ground rules on the use of phones at the home or over the weekends when it is family time. However, be sure that these rules are fair, not only to you but to the children too. Do not set up something that will be potentially problematic to follow. For example, you can always set the rule of “no mobile after 10” but that is very common. To make it fair and out of the box, you can add something: every weekend ask your children show to you something interesting they found over the internet or captured in their phones. Watch it with them. And then you discuss it keeping the phone aside. It will help you bond with them, and you will get something interesting to watch.

Tip 5: Have the “no-lock” policy

This can get tricky. All the phones now come with the lock for privacy protection. Having the no-lock policy for phones can be a tough thing to be accepted by the kids. After all, they have a personal life too. Give them the confidence that you won’t go spying around their back with their phones. And don’t do it for real. Snooping in your child’s phone is just a big no. Make them understand that in case of some emergency a lock on their phone can restrict access and use jeopardizing the situation. If this doesn’t work, do not push it. The kids will come around eventually when they see you are not saying this to spy on them.
That is all from us today! Hope you find these tips useful!

10 Must Do Things When Visiting Russia For FIFA World Cup 2018

10 Must do things when visiting Russia for FIFA World Cup 2018

If you’re one of the lucky people who planned well ahead and are currently in Russia enjoying the FIFA World Cup in person, you are definitely living right.
This worldwide event that happens once every four years is magical and memorable to put it lightly.
Whether you are someone who likes to plan their travel itinerary down to the minute or whether you are someone who likes to wing it as they go, here are some tips for you.
These are 10 things you should make sure not to miss under any circumstances!

1)  Mamayev Kurgan (Motherland Calls)

Standing 87 meters tall in the city of Volgograd, Russia, this epic statue is the last to be named the largest statue which is non-religious; Most others have been Buddhist sculptures. As one of the most popular and sacred sites, you would be remiss to not see this marvel in person. The statue commemorates those fallen in the Battle of Stalingrad.

2) Lake Baikal

As one of the world’s oldest, clearest and deepest lakes, it only makes sense that it is crowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If these aren’t enough reasons for you to go visit, then the sheer beauty of the lake combined with the serene environment should definitely be compelling enough to spend some quality time lakeside. Fun Fact – It is estimated to hold about 20% of the world’s fresh water.

3) Ride the Trans Siberian Railway

When in Russia, you absolutely have to ride the Trans-Siberian Railway. Depending on your budget, you can ride first, second, or third class. It is recommended by world travellers as the best way to truly enjoy the country and the sights it has to offer as a unique wholesome experience.

4) Kamchatka Peninsula

On the far-east border of Russia, the Kamchatka Peninsula is a 1250-kilometre-long stretch of land going into the Pacific Ocean. What makes it worth a trip is a geologically active zone, known as, Ring of Fire. Some say the Kamchatka Peninsula is the Russian equivalent of America’s Alaska if that helps paint a picture.

5) Visit the Red Square

As one of the world’s most famous public areas in the heart of Russia’s capital, the Red Square is a plaza that separates the Kremlin and the current residence of the President of Russia. Lenin’s Mausoleum, Kazan Cathedral, the Kremlin towers are just some of the many significant sights in and around the Red Square.

6) Nightlife in Moscow, St. Petersburg

If you are travelling all the way to Russia and staying there for the duration of the World Cup or at least a part of it, then it’s only fair that you also celebrate and party like the Russians while you are there. Each city has its own unique nightlife and exploring it after watching a match would be an ideal way for your nights.

7) Rosa Khutor in Sochi

Enjoy some peaceful time in Rosa Khutor. Take a stroll through Riviera Park following which bite into fresh Lavash, a type of flatbread that tastes best when just taken out of the oven. If you are not one for walking, then take a boat or yacht cruise along the Black Sea coast while sipping on some hot mulled wine. The options are endless, it’s just a matter of what you want to spend your time on.

8) Ride the Moscow Metro

What once used to be a palace for Kings, has been now turned into a palace for people by the architects of the Soviet Subway. Take a tour of the Moscow Metro and learn the fascinating history behind it all as well as hear about urban legends and funny stories. Ex – How many babies have been born on the Moscow metro?

9) Visit the Russian Vodka Museum

Would it even be a complete trip to Russia if you didn’t learn about and sample some of the best Vodka in the world? The Russian Vodka Museum in St. Petersburg will give you taste of Russia itself as you take a tour through it. Learn about its history and taste some of the local vodkas. This is a great addition to your travel itinerary and will not require more than an evening.

10) Soak and relax in a Banya

Finally, once you are done with everything and your muscles ache from walking or travelling or jumping in the stadium during the match, take a dip at one of Russia’s banyas (saunas) — the most spectacular of them all being the centuries-old, Sandunovsky Banya.
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