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Kwikpay- Fast & easy  international mobile top up for Asia, Africa, North America, South America & Europe

30th April 2017, London: Kwikpay has made international mobile top up easy for prepaid mobiles in almost all countries around the world. You can now topup mobile for your friend’s and family’s prepaid mobile within seconds in over 100+ countries. All you need is their prepaid mobile number, operator name, your debit/credit card or PayPal credentials. Once you have done the payment successfully, the recipient will get mobile top up instantly on their mobile phone. The user will also receive an email from kwikpay confirming the mobile top up delivery on their registered email address with Kwikpay. The transactions are 100% safe and verified with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and PayPal.
To take your mobile top up experience further, in addition, Kwikpay has made repeating mobile topup option. With ‘Repeat top up’ & ‘favourites’ features in Kwikpay app (iOS and android). By selecting these options, user can deliver international top up within seconds. Use these options to send mobile topup frequently to friends and family living outside UK.
List of top international operators:

Hence, International top up was not this easy and expedient before. Thanks to Kwikpay it is now convenient, that you can send international mobile top up in less than a minute. By using Kwikpay’s International topup service, you can save your family and friend from the hassle of buying mobile top up voucher.
And then going through the long PAYG mobile top up process. Users are already doing successful top up for their family’s in

  • Afganistan,
  • Pakistan,
  • India,
  • Philipines,
  • Ghana,
  • Bangladesh
  •  Africa

And many other countries in no time using Kwikpay top up app. Send International mobile top up now!