Top Telecom Operators In The World

Top Telecom Operators In The World

The birth of the Telecommunications Industry can be traced all the way back to 1792 when French engineer, Claude Chappe built the world’s first visual telegraphy system. Some 50 years later, in 1844, Samuel Morse’s the telegraph was invented taking a major step forward in the field.
Fast forward to the 21st century, the telecom industry is pushing the boundaries more than ever with advancement in fiber optic technology, WiFi availability in remote countries, evolution to 5G, WiFi built into cars, so on and so forth.
Like any other, the telecommunications industry has its own set of giants who are leading in their respective countries while maintaining a brand name across the globe.

  • China Mobile Ltd. Incorporated on September 3rd, 1997, China Mobile Limited is the largest telecommunications service provider in China. They have one of the biggest consumer bases in the world and are one of the leaders in the development of the 5G network architecture international standards.
  • Verizon Communications Inc. Based in New York City, Verizon Communications Inc. was created on June 30, 2000. It is known for having the best coverage in the United States of America with its only major competitor being AT&T in the country.
  • Vodafone Group PlcA telecom giant in the United Kingdom, Vodafone was founded on September 16th, 1991. With 340 million subscribers worldwide, this organization is easily one of the pacesetters in this industry. Click here to do a mobile top-up for your Vodafone number using Kwikpay from anywhere in the world.
  • Nippon Telegraph & Telephone CorporationLaunched in 1952, Nippon was created in Japan and have their headquarters in Tokyo. Although launched as a telecom company, Nippon has long since expanded and grown to become a recognized global brand. Unlike its contemporaries, about one-third of NTT’s shares are owned by the Japanese government.
  • Deutsche Telekom AG Founded in 1995 in Germany, Telekom is the biggest telecommunications company in Europe and amongst the five largest in the world. Its business network spans more than 50 countries. What a lot of people do not know is that Deutsche Telekom was part of one of the largest IPOs in the world underwritten at $13 billion by Goldman Sachs. The Kwikpay app will allow you to top up your T-Mobile number at your fingertips.
  • Telefonica S.A.Operating out of Madrid since 1924, Telefonica is a Spanish multinational private telecommunications company. It was amongst the first to pilot the HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) in Spain. With just the taps on your screen, top up your mobile using Kwikpay in an instant.
  • América MóvilWith one of the largest bases of subscribers in the world, América Móvil operates one of its subsidiaries, Telcel in Mexico without competition. It was founded in 2000 in Mexico City and as of 2018 is looking to acquire a TV license in Mexico.

What Are You Planning To Get Your Dad This Father’s Day?

June 19th, 2005: A 10 year-old-paced around in his room with a frown on his forehead. He had outdone himself a little over a month ago on Mother’s Day. The surprise for his mom included a freshly-baked cake from scratch, her favourite music compiled into a playlist for her work commute and his room cleaned from top to bottom. He pretended to be sick so he could stay at home and spend the day making sure everything was done.
This time, however, things were ever so slightly trickier. It was a Sunday so both his parents were home and he had procrastinated planning the ideas themselves so it was a messy situation. As he silently scolded himself, his eyes landed on giant pile of old albums that were lying under his bed and it dawned on him. A few hours later he took a step back and admired his work.
He quietly peeked out of his room to check whether his parents had left to go grocery shopping or not. Once it was all set up, he hid in one of the corners of the room and waited for them.
13 year ago, the look on my father’s face is still etched in my memory like it was yesterday. His expression from seeing forgotten photos of him from his younger days, with me, and with the rest of his family and friends strung together by thread and put on display in his room like streamers was nothing short of priceless. Many years later, I’m in a similar dilemma as that day, trying to think of a gift for someone who has everything he could possibly need.
The fact that I was living in another country did not help my case either. So for those in the same boat as me, here are a few suggestions to save the day:
● DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Gifts
○ These are almost always a safe way to go. At the cost of some time and a little bit of your creative energy, these gifts not only hold a lot of sentimental value but also allow you to truly personalize the gift for Daddy dearest.
● Personalized Gifts
○ Not everyone is artistically inclined, and for those people, the internet has sites like Etsy. Go online and order an engraved lighter or a custom Guinness pint glass for him to make it extra special.
Video Game Recharge
○ If you have someone like my father who spends a lot of time on Nintendo or on the PlayStation or XBOX then doing a mobile top-up on their favourite gaming console just might be the way to go. They get to pick how they spend the money and you don’t have to worry about whether he’ll like it or not.
● Call
○ This is one of the most underrated gifts of all time. If you aren’t in the same town as your father, an online mobile top-up for domestic and cheap international calls via Kwikpay will allow you to wish him (and maybe even promise to call more often!).
The number of ideas is endless but this list’s purpose is to get the juices flowing and spark something. Fathers love us unconditionally year round so I hope this assists you in creating this year’s Father’s Day unique and memorable.

5 Useful Mobile Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Mobile as Good as New!

Useful Mobile Maintenance Tips

How often do you upgrade your phone? Are you someone who gets the newest version every year or someone who likes to use the same phone for as long as you can? Regardless of which category you fall in, the days of black and white Nokia phones are long gone when you didn’t have to worry about the upkeep of your mobile. With smartphones being only a few features short of being a full-fledged laptop itself, active maintenance and knowledge of the same have never been more needed. The best part about this is that you do not need to be some technologically savvy individual and neither do you need to spend countless hours trying to make a habit out of it.

  • Phone Case
    • Investing in a phone cover of good quality from a company like Spigen, JETech, or Torras will be a one-time investment that will be quite beneficial. Whether it slips out of your hand or is knocked off the table by your dog, having a sturdy phone case will ensure the body of the phone is safe and isn’t easily damaged.
  • Charging
    • The uninformed consumer will believe the myth that the battery should always be charged to 100% before being unplugged and then used till it runs out. This might’ve been the case in the last decade but modern batteries don’t need to be charged like that. Charging your battery once it reached around 50% or shallow charging, has been found to put less strain on the battery and helps it lasts longer.
  • Security
    • In an age where hacking and identity theft is commonplace, you’d be remiss not to have your phone protected from external threats. Having a passcode on your phone is the first step. Adding a PIN on your Sim card would be the next. Finally, for the extra cautious, get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) software so your internet activity is protected.
  • Temperature
    • Although it is fairly obvious to some, I want to emphasize that you should make sure not to expose your mobile to extreme temperature, from hot to cold and vice versa. This is one of the most likely reasons for internal hardware damage.
  • Storage
    • It is always advised to not fill up the memory to it is maximum capacity for a couple of different reasons. This includes not being able to download new apps, inability to upgrade existing apps as well as performance lags and slowdowns. A simple fix to this would be to clear your cache as well as your RAM every few months.

Your lifestyle, the way you treat your phone as well as how cognizant you are of the above guidelines will determine the longevity of mobile phone’s life. It is obviously your choice whether you want to keep up with technology or not, however, what is important to consider is how much you will end up spending on reparations when you could have simply avoided the damage by taking preemptive actions.

Hassle free top up for international travellers

Be it a holiday or work trip, travelling to a different country can be quite arduous. You never want to miss any important calls! Especially when you are travelling for business. You need an active phone to book cabs, operate Google maps, look for tourist spots and referrals etc. Achieving this is a challenge and with Kwikpay International Top Ups you can bridge this gap. You may be on a different network that doesn’t provide the top up service, but with Kwikpay you are sure to find a solution to this problem.
Convenience has always been a priority for almost all consumers and so it only makes that companies make sure they provide it for you in every way possible through their services. Kwikpay is taking convenience to the next level as far as making life easier is concerned. We provide online payment solutions for your everyday needs whether it is mobile top-up, top-up for Play station or Xbox, music, eBooks, the list goes on.
Kwikpay provides Mobile Top Ups globally and ensures hassle-free top-ups within no time. Kwikpay mobile app is available on both Android and iOS and helps customers across the globe to top up their and their loved one’s mobile anytime anywhere. Kwikpay provides services in 100+ countries and 400+ international network operators.
Some of the top network operators that Kwikpay is connected with are Vodafone, MTN, Ufone, Bharti Airtel, Lime, Aircel, Ncell, Grameenphone, Digicel, Etisalat etc. To use Kwikpay services, just register on the kwikpay mobile app using your email address, Facebook or Google account and proceed with the top up in just under a minute. You can also repeat the top up of the same number with option ‘repeat top up’. Kwikpay provides all its services in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America and many other countries.
Not only this, with Kwikpay, you can top up your loved ones mobile phones remotely without any hassle.  Our major concern while using an online service is security: Kwikpay provides a secured payment gateway which is PCI-DSS compliant and PayPal as an alternate option.
What are the benefits of Kwikpay?

  • One of the best features of Kwikpay is that it streamlines the entire process of trying to make purchases that might not be in your currency.
  • Time is money and no one wants to waste their time by standing in queues for mobile top ups. Kwikpay mobile app helps you save your time and provides mobile top up on-the-go.
  • It will not only allow you to top-up in your currency but also tell you exactly how much it will be in the destination country.
  • Kwikpay provides online top up services by enabling payment via debit/credit card or PayPal. Kwikpay accepts Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, JBC and PayPal.
  • What makes it all better is that instead of having to comb through your bank statements or emails to piece together how much you’re spending on mobile top-ups every month, Kwikpay will keep track of your previous transactions and allow you to repeat previous top-ups with the snap of a finger.
  • With Kwikpay, you can track your past transactions and repeat your previous top up in no time.

Why worry about mobile top ups when you have such interesting benefits with Kwikpay  which is the fastest way of getting your mobile top up not only in the UK but also internationally.
Join Kwikpay and make sure you are always active on your phone and never disconnected from your loved ones.

No internet, just excellent connectivity

As a vending machine owner, what vexes you more- not knowing that your machine is out of a certain product or has not dispensed cold drinks at the right temperature- you have lost crucial sales. Worst that your machine is not functioning well or scheduling a repair without any idea about what the real problem is.
As a vending machine operator, you can spend a fortune on installing the best available telemetry solution & combining it with a VMS which you hope will make it easier for you to increase sales. However, like most other operators in the industry, you probably do not get information more than 4 times a day which makes it difficult to make crucial decisions. By the time you understand on the account of being unable to service your customers.
With Kwikpay, you can upgrade your existing vending machine to an intelligent vending machine which does not require any internet at the machine. This can be done in a matter of minutes with virtually no down time. Consumers interact with the vending machine using the Kwikpay app, select their favourite products & pay using various digital payment methods available on Kwikpay app.
The Kwikpay powered vending machine, relays machine health, inventory data, sales data & consumer behaviour reports to the operator. We empower operators to eliminate scenarios where your vending machine is not performing the task it has been installed for.
You have the opportunity to truly digitally transform the traditional vending industry into a digitally progressive eco-system.
With great customer experience, your machines lead a path towards greater sales & profitability.
For a detailed overview & demo of all the product features, please visit us at Stall 93 at Vendex Midlands, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on 24th April 2018 from 10am to 4pm
or write to us at and we can set up a demo for you.

Intelligent Vending for the 21st Century

Kwikpay – a leading consumer payment app for various services in UK introduces an intelligent vending solution to the market.
With Kwikpay’s vending solution, operators & brands can achieve:

  • Real time listing of the products on a particular machine (The system also has the details of the inventory of the machine)
  • Cashless experience for the customer and hence a higher revenue potential specially with the future generations of millennial consumers.
  • Run loyalty program, entice repeat orders and run promotions.
  • Vending operators can now get to know their customers, customer profiles and offer bundled products.
Our vending solution is an easy plug and play solutions which can convert the existing cash & coin traditional vending machines to Intelligent Vending machines of the future.

Neeraj Bhatia, CEO in an interview said “The vending industry has been unable to take advantage of such plans till date due to technical limitation. But with the our vending solution, vending operators can run loyalty programs similar to the big retailers. Vending operators can now entice frequent purchases from customers, offer them bundling, promos and time based offers and  keep them coming to their vending machine week after week.”
Take your customers on a 21st century vending journey. Get kwik-vend on your existing vending machine.
Write to us at and we can set up a demo for you.

No more connectivity issues on vending machines

In spite of several businesses working from an online platform, there are several cases of data outrages and low connectivity. This is pretty much the same situation with the new-aged vending machine operation. Almost all smart machines rely on internet connectivity for telemetry functions or for dissension of items. But now for a VMO; low signal, no problem!
Kwikvend uses Bluetooth to connect the vending machine to your customer’s mobile device so that they can go through and choose from the menu items without even touching the machine. This means that there is no reliance on internet or WiFi to initiate sales. Kwikvend by Kwikpay, in association with Vendekin Technologies, is the technology needed to upgrade your VMO without incurring more infrastructure charges or downtime.
The customers can connect to the machine without internet using the Kwikpay app, pay using an e-wallet with their phone internet and there you go! The no-touch patented technology will dispense the item right out. No downtime, no hassles, and smooth sales.

Holiday travel made easy with on-the-go top up | Kwikpay

For all that fun and delights which comes with the holiday season, holiday travel is one of them.

According to the latest reports, the holiday travel season of 2017 is going to be the busiest since 2007
Nearly 70 million British families are travelling to various destinations across the world. The number was 65.7 million in 2015. The 2016’s stats from ‘The Guardian’ shows that the majority of families visited Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, US, Portugal, Germany, Netherland, Greece and Poland.
Imagine, so many people travelling to these countries during the Christmas holidays have to face one common issue, that is mobile top up. Mobile users who own pay-as-you-go SIM like:
Vodafone, Virgin, Three, EE, O2, Lycamobile, Lebara, Orange, T-Mobile, Talk Talk, Talk Home, Talk Mobile, Vectone, Now Mobile and many others, have to top up on credit before usage.
This can be a major problem while travelling as finding a top-up voucher in a foreign country is difficult and online top up takes a lot of time.
The mobile top up is one issue which can make or break your Christmas holiday travel memories. But not for the ones who use the Kwikpay app for their mobile top up.
Kwikpay not only offers instant top up for all the mobile networks in the UK but also is one of the safest modes of recharging your prepaid mobile while travelling.

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The safe & convenient top up service is an all-time blessing for travellers. So even if you are in ‘Undiscovered’ corners of France, Italy, Spain or any other country, Kwikpay will always be with you to refill your mobile credit/balance.

Benefits of Travelling with Kwikpay app on your phone:

  • You can top up from any corner of the world.
  • Transactions are absolutely safe and secure.
  • The other fragment of Kwikpay offers ‘Games & Digital Services’ top up.
  • Accepts all major modes of payments like credit/Debit card & PayPal
  • Available for wide range of prepaid operators.
  • The top up process is short and friendly.
  • Sending mobile top up to other phones are equally easy.

Conclusion: So, download the Kwikpay app in your (iOS or Android) phone and don’t let your low mobile credit put you in any disturbance or spoil your holiday trip. Have a great holiday with Kwikpay!

Get these killer apps for your Android or iPhone this Halloween

Halloween is around the corner which means we all will dress to scare!. This holiday, use your smartphone app to get that perfect Halloween look. There are some amazing apps for your spooky Halloween preparation. These mobile apps are designed to meet all your Halloween needs like games, recipes, costumes, tricks and treats

If you love Halloween, you will love these apps too


Halloween AppLock

Protect your photos, gallery and messages from other’s spying eyes with the twist of Halloween theme. With this app lock, you can prevent your kids from spending money or downloading unwanted apps. It perfectly goes with Android 5.0 and 6.0 and also available for iPhone.
Category: Lifestyle, Applock
Download here
Offered By: Cheetah Mobile 
Rating: 4.3

Tasty Food Cooking Recipes

Learn new and interesting recipes and surprise your kids and family this Halloween. The app has a decent number of recipes prepared for scary appearance. Either learn new items to impress your party people or simply jazz up your traditional dishes with horror & creepy food decoration tips. Get new ideas and turn your usual red-velvet cake into a human skull with blood and popped out eyes. Enjoy while learning interesting and out of the box recipes.
Category: Lifestyle, Food & Drink
Download here
Offered By: Reyyan App Studio
Rating: 4.9

Halloween Makeup

Turn into an attractive witch or an evil spirit this Halloween without spending any time on makeup. Use Halloween Makeup App and turn into your most desired evil look in a matter of seconds. This app’s camera filter has a wide range of virtual makeup option. Get the look for your new post on Instagram and Facebook without real makeup troubles. The process is quite simple, just upload your picture and the scary makeup face paint will turn you into a terrible looking vampire or a Dracula. The fake vampire fangs are fairly fancy. Get the horrifying look now!
Category: Lifestyle, Photography
Download here
Offered By: Fun Photo Apps
Rating: 4

Halloween Games

This gaming app consists of 18 scary puzzles, arcades and a jigsaw puzzle. This app has many decoration games like and Catch the Pumpkin games too. Its a fair combination of learning and entertainment for your enthusiastic young ones. The games are perfectly designed for preschool kids, that helps to develop motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination skills, imagination and creativity. It also helps your kids in learning new shapes, image recognition and number pronunciation.
Category: Lifestyle, Brain Games
Download here
Offered By: Kidgames
Rating: 3.9

The Walking Dead

Get the realistic zombie look with The Walking Dead App. This app is available for free on App Store and Google Play from FOX. It is a simple to use photo editing app with incredibly realistic features like real-looking zombie eyes, mouths, and scars. upload your suitable picture and then watch your creation come to life! This app comes with  40+ high-resolution zombie eyes, mouth, and props. share your zombie pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and more.
Category: Entertainment
Download here
Offered By: AMC Network Entertainment LLC
Rating: 4.5
Don’t forget to download the Kwikpay app for safe and hassle-free mobile top up this Halloween.

Compare giffgaff pay-as-you-go mobile deals easily – Kwikpay

Giffgaff is the UK’s most well-known mobile operator. It offers no-contract SIM to prepaid mobile users in the UK with a 30-day bundle. In the dynamic market of pay-as-you-go SIM/phones, giffgaff tries every bit to stay ahead of its competitor.

What you can get with giffgaff

As we read above, this network does not offer contact SIM. You simply need to buy pay-as-you-go SIM card & add on goodybag to your SIM! You can also buy SIM online by signing up with giffgaff. Goodybags, unlikely the one you get to take home after a kid’s party, these are planned bundled of calling minutes, text and internet data with a validity of thirty days. Here is the comparison of call minutes, text and internet between its top competitors EE & Vodafone.

Operator Call Text Internet Data
giffgaff 5p  (free on giffgaff) 5p  (free on giffgaff) 5p -MB
EE 30p 12p Available with Bundle
Vodafone 35p 14p £2 per day

Check out the international bundles as well

International rates

Country giffgaff Lebara Lycamobile O2
Spain 9p 9p 19p 9p
France 5p 9p 19p 5p
Germany 5p 9p 19p 5p
Greece 6p 5p 9p 10p
Australia 12p 9p 9p 12p
Italy 3p 9p 19p 10p

*Prices quoted are referred from network websites September 2017.

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These bundles are valid for 30 days. You can stick to the same one or switch to another bundle as per your convenience. You can top up your pay-as-you-go SIM without any hassle anytime, anywhere with Kwikpay app.

Benefits of giffgaff

  • Cheap & affordable plans available.
  • You can change your plan any month because of goodybag system
  • Wide range of bundles/goodybags
  • Good customer support team
  • Goodybags available for ‘only data’ usage
  • Order SIM online
  • Top up giffgaff with Kwikpay
  • Free paybacks


Earn free paybacks

There are very few networks which give payback to customers for involvement. Giffgaff offers payback to its customers when they refer it to friends and family. You can redeem your points twice a year. There are 3 ways to enjoy your paybacks: use it as PayPal transfer, mobile top up or donation.
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Network coverage

Major towns and cities in the UK are well covered by giffgaff. The mobile network coverage is exceptional. It has collaboration with the O2 mobile network for optimum coverage. The rate of network coverage is 70% for 4G, 85% for 3G and 99% for basic signal across the UK.